The AdAce plugin is a set of tools for monetizing your blog.

What does the plugin include?

This plugin includes the following components:

  • Ads - quickly place multiple ads on your site by utilizing the Google AdSense program or any other kind of ad codes. Read more
  • Affiliate Links - widget or section with links to affiliate websites. Read more
  • Shop the post - product carousel at the bottom of a post (or on post collection) that showcases the products discussed in the post. Read more
  • Shoppable images - images that contain hotspots with affiliate links to products. Read more
  • Sponsored Articles - write sponsored content and add sponsor logo at the top of a post Read more
  • Donations (Patreon) - get donations from your fans using the Patreon platform. Read more
  • Promoted Products - a section with products you want to recommend, on top or bottom of a site. Read more
  • Favourite Products - a widget with products you want to recommend. Read more