G1 Socials is a simple plugin that lets your users follow you via your social channels.


The plugin is built into the theme so after theme activation you will be asked to install it.

Set up Icons

After activating the plugin its configuration page will be accessible under the WP Admin Panel › Settings page.

Change Icons Order

The icon list interface is sortable. You can easily change an icon position just by dragging it (move mouse over a title) after/before other icon.

Set up Instagram

  1. Open the WordPress Admin › Appearance › Customize panel
  2. Go to the Plugin integrations > Instagram section
  3. Set your Instagram username and follow text
  1. Open the WordPress Admin › Settings › G1 Socials panel
  2. Fill data for social channels you want to show before the footer
  3. Now go to the WordPress Admin › Appearance › Customize panel
  4. Switch to the Footer > Modules section
  5. Select the "Show Social Media Profile Links" box

Set up Snapchat Widget

Thanks to this small widget You can easily share Snapchat with readers!

To add it to sidebar:

  1. Open the WordPress Admin › Appearance › Customize panel
  2. Go to the Widgets section
  3. Sidebars are context aware so you need to first choose page on which you want to add your widget
  4. When your target sidebar shows up in the panel on left, choose it
  5. Now click the Add a Widget button and choose from the list the G1 Socials Snapchat widget
  6. Fill the widget title, by default it's "Find me on Snapchat"
  7. Put your name in Username field
  8. Put your account id in ID field, this is used to generate Snapcode, so make sure its correct. We recommend to copy/paste it from Snapchat
  9. Fill last field Avatar field with URL to desired image that will fill inside of Snapcode
  10. After providing all necessary details to widget, click Save & Publish in top right of Customizer Slide in to make changes visible for readers


After theme update, if new version of the plugin is available, you will be asked to update it (notice on top of the Dashboard).

If for somehow reasons you can't see the notice, you can update the plugin manually.

To do that, go to the WP Admin Panel › Appearance › Install plugins, find the "G1 Socials" plugin on the list and click "Update" right below it.