Elements setup

Most elements in the header can be adjust directly from the Header Builder. You can click the element to open its settings panel. Here is a list of elements whose configuration is outside of the builder.

By default the theme displays the site title in the Header Theme Area. You can easily change it and display the logo image instead by following these simple steps:

  1. Open the WordPress Admin › Appearance › Customize panel
  2. Switch to the Site Identity section
  3. Upload the desktop logo and set its width and height

To make your logo look sharp on high-resolution screens, please upload double-sized Logo HDPI in the same section as the standard logo. The theme detects which version to use to make the best viewing experience.

Set up columns

Columns are a type of Mega Menu that display the children of a menu entry in a Mega Menu box instead of standard hover rollout.

To set up a columns menu, please:

  1. Go to the WordPress Admin › Appearance › Menus panel
  2. Select a menu and make sure it's location is set to Primary Navigation
  3. Find a menu entry that has nested child menu entries. You can make a menu entry a child of its preceding entry by dragging it to the right
  4. Expand the parent entry in the Menu structure by clicking the arrow in it's top right corner
  5. Turn on Turn into Mega Menu checkbox
  6. Make sure you remember to save the changes

Social icons

To define your social icons, please:

  1. Go to the WordPress Admin › Settings › G1 Socials panel
  2. Paste the links to your social media profiles next to the respective icons and save the changes

Read more about G1 Socials